Advaxis is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing cancer immunotherapies that enlist the body’s own immune system to fight cancer.

Advaxis’ investigational immunotherapies are designed to capitalize on the body’s ability to recognize and attack bacterial infections. Advaxis’ core technology – Lm Technology™ – alters a live strain of Listeria monocytogenes (Lm) bacteria to stimulate cancer-fighting T cells directed against a cancer antigen(s) and reduce factors that protect the tumor microenvironment from immunologic attack and contribute to tumor growth.

Advaxis has three immunotherapy candidates in development under the Lm Technology platform:

In clinical trials to date, Advaxis’ Lm Technology immunotherapies have been well tolerated and have demonstrated anti-tumor activity, including prolonged survival, stable disease and, in some cases, complete or partial remission.

Advaxis’ preclinical immunotherapy candidate, ADXS-NEO, is expected to enter the clinic in 2017 as part of a collaboration with Amgen. The Lm Technology has proven to be an extremely versatile platform and is being investigated for use in treating a broad range of cancers by targeting tumor-specific mutations known as neoepitopes. Advaxis has formed an approach for delivering more effective immunotherapy treatments that activate a patient’s immune system to respond against the unique neoepitopes contained in each individual patient’s tumor. This approach has led to Advaxis’ MINE™ (My Immunotherapy Neo-Epitopes) program, with ADXS-NEO as the program’s lead product candidate. This development strategy eliminates the need for predictive algorithms and enables the development of truly personalized immunotherapies that can be manufactured in a manner that is cost-effective and timely for patients.

Advaxis has collaborations with three major biopharmaceutical companies for the development and/or commercialization of Advaxis’ Lm Technology immunotherapies. Advaxis has created more than 20 distinct immunotherapies based on its proprietary platform technology and continues to add new constructs to the development pipeline.

Advaxis’ Lm Technology is a proprietary technology with 29 granted patents and 37 pending applications in the United States, in addition to having 54 granted foreign patents and 60 pending foreign applications.