HOT Program

Advaxis is leveraging its Lm Technology™ to target common (public or shared) mutations (hotspots) in tumor driver genes, in a program referred to as ADXS-HOT.   The ADXS-HOT program is a series of cancer-specific drug candidates that will target common, or shared, somatic mutations, cancer testis antigens and oncofetal antigens.  Advancement of the proprietary ADXS-HOT preclinical program will expand Lm Technology into multiple products targeting several of the most common cancers.

ADXS-HOT products may target acquired public mutations in tumor driver genes that are shared by multiple patients, and could have greater immunogenicity than the natural sequence peptides in normal cells. DNA sequencing is not required, and the ADXS-HOT products are expected to be “off the shelf” and ready to administer for multiple patients.

Advaxis is currently prioritizing product development in the most prevalent cancers, with the first indication in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. An IND for ADXS-503, has been allowed and currently open for enrollment. In 2019, the FDA allowed the IND for the Company’s second HOT construct (ADXS-504) in prostate cancer.